Epilepsy New Zealand

EPILEPSY New Zealand provides free information and support to anyone affected by epilepsy through individual appointments, printed information, a support group and telephone contact.
What Do We Do?
  • Educational services for professionals who work with people with epilepsy such as ambulance service staff, police, nurses and teachers
  • Community awareness through speaking engagements in community groups including service clubs, workplaces, school and recreational clubs
  • A national epilepsy helpline 0800 3745 37
  • Information and support services, both face-to-face and over the phone
  • Educational programmes to increase the understanding of a person with epilepsy, their family and friends
  • Local branches offering various types of support and social groups
  • Seizure management planning that provides strategies to help the person with epilepsy gain control of their seizures and build confidence

Epilepsy New Zealand

0800 37 45 37

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