emma-bennettEmma rides at Tauranga RDA. She is very enthusiastic and her progress has been astounding. As parents we bubble with pride at the abilities in riding she has gained. Riding has improved Emma’s capability in following instructions; she is now able to follow more than one instruction at a time, without confusion. Emma was initially dominant and would try to usurp the authority of the leader, but thanks to the great team at RDA she is willing to follow instructions, without questioning the authority. Emma’s concentration has improved since beginning riding. She has a more positive attitude toward attempting new tasks. Emma previously had an “I can’t” attitude but is now more willing to give things a go. I believe that riding has certainly helped with her self-esteem. It is the only sport she does as there are many things she is not currently able to do, but because she enjoys riding and has progressed well she feels a great sense of achievement and likes to talk about this with others. We have tried many different methods in an attempt to get Emma to quieten down, all have failed. She initially started riding as the loud Emma we all know, now she rides quietly, sometimes in silence, concentrating on the task; it is so impressive to see. We are delighted at the progress our little girl has made in riding and this has spilled over into everyday life. Most of all we are delighted to see how happy she is at riding, she has a place there where she fits in, and we see it on her face.